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Exhibit Hall layout


The 2017 EERI Annual Meeting Exhibitor form includes:

  • Exhibit Space registration
  • Floor plan and booth numbers

Once the packet has been completed, please e-mail all application materials to sonya@eeri.org

Download the Exhibitor Packet


  1. Geosig • Geosig.com
  2. Sage Engineers • sageengineers.com
  3. Fugro • www.fugro.com
  4. Kinemetrics • www.kinemetrics.com • www.kmioss.com
  5. FEMA • www.fema.gov
  6. Applied Technology Council • www.atcouncil.org
  7. PEER • www.peer.berkeley.edu
  8. COSMOS • www.cosmos-eq.org
  9. Ringfeder Power Transmission • www.ringfeder.com
  10. Haselton Baker Risk Group www.hbrisk.com
  11. Leewens Corporation • www.leewens.com
  12. EERI • www.eeri.org
  13. EERI • www.eeri.org
  14. Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates Inc • www.wje.org
  15. MTS Systems Corp • www.mts.com
  16. Kleinfelder • www.kleinfelder.com
  17. Hayward Baker Inc • www.haywardbaker.com
  18. Lettis Consultants International • www.lettisci.com
  19. REF TEK/Trimble • www.trimble.com
  20. GeoHazards International • www.geohaz.org
  21. Taylor Devices Inc • www.taylordevices.com
  22. Turning Technologies • www.turningtechnologies.com


The objective of EERI is to reduce earthquake risk by advancing the science and practice of earthquake engineering; improving understanding of the impact of earthquakes on the physical, social, economic, political, and cultural environment; and advocating comprehensive and realistic measures for reducing the harmful effects of earthquakes.


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