Travel Grants

Travel Grants Available for Graduate Students and Early Career Professionals

Thank you to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Pankow Foundation and EERI; who have made funds available to award travel grants to graduate students and early career professionals to defray travel costs for attending the 10th U.S. National Conference on Earthquake Engineering (10NCEE). 

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The following table of students have been selected as Travel Grant recipients:

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Haitham  Eletrabi Auburn University
Taylor Rawlinson Auburn University
Stephen Wu California Institute of Technology
Alin Radu Cornell University
Edwin Lim Georgia Institute of Technology
Xiao Liang Iowa State University
Maryam Nazari Iowa State University
Zeynep Tuna Istanbul Technical University
Megan Boston Johns Hopkins University
Reid Zimmerman KPFF Consulting Engineers
Baiping Dong Lehigh University
Niel Van Engelen McMaster University
Omar  Abdelkarim Missouri University of Science & Technology
Zahraa Saiyed MIT
Christopher Smith National Institute of Standards & Technology
Jason Goodnight North Carolina State University
Trevor Carey Oregon State University
Daniel Gillins Oregon State University
Michael Olsen Oregon State University
Armin Stuedlein Oregon State University
Ramiro Bazaez Portland State University
Selamawit Mehary Portland State University
William Lupher Purdue University
Cheng Chen San Francisco State University
Lynne Burks Stanford University
Ezra Jampole  Stanford University
Mahalia Miller Stanford University
Brijhette  Farmer  State University of New York at Buffalo 
Maria Koliou State University of New York at Buffalo 
Ki Pung Ryu State University of New York at Buffalo 
Andreas Stavridis State University of New York at Buffalo 
Anna Birely Texas A&M University
Sriram Aaleti University of Alabama
Ying-Cheng Lin University of Alabama in Huntsville
Neal Simon Kwong University of California - Berkeley
Mayssa Dabaghi University of California - Berkeley
Mohamed Moustafa University of California - Berkeley
Tea Visnjic University of California - Berkeley
Katerina Ziotopoulou University of California - Davis
Carolina Magna-Verdugo University of California - Davis
Marta De Bortoli University of California - Irvine
Anne Lemnitzer University of California - Irvine
Sean Ahdi University of California - Los Angeles
Christopher Hilson University of California - Los Angeles
Sunai Kim University of California - Los Angeles
Christopher Motter University of California - Los Angeles
Benjamin Turner University of California - Los Angeles
Christopher Trautner University of California - San Diego
Rodrigo Astroza University of California - San Diego
Juan Murcia-Delso University of California - San Diego
Petros Sideris University of Colorado - Boulder
Qiwen Chen University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Wanching Huang University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Julie Fogarty University of Michigan
Catherine  Johnson University of Minnesota
Alireza Nojavan University of Minnesota
Ronny Purba University of Minnesota
ZhiQiang Chen University of Missouri - Kansas City
Richard Wood University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Camila Coria University of Nevada - Reno
Jean  Guzman Pujols University of Nevada - Reno
Alireza Mohebbi University of Nevada - Reno
Joseph Wieser University of Nevada - Reno
Shokoufeh Zargar Shoushtari University of New Hampshire
Carlos Gaviria University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez
Mahdi Ebrahimian University of Southern California
Patricia Clayton University of Texas at Austin
Wing Shun Kwan University of Texas at Austin
Yubing Wang University of Texas at Austin
Birhanu Bishaw University of Utah
Catherine Tucker University of Utah
Lindsay Ivey-Burden University of Virginia
Francisco  Flores Virginia Tech
Andrew Hardyniec Virginia Tech
Xiaoyun Shao Western Michigan University
Moochul Shin Western New England University



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